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Hannah Cook Embroidery

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Hannah Cook Embroidery
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7/24/2020 5:14:44 AM
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This embroidery is in the Shelburne Museum and is shown here with their permission.  It is catalogued there as:

Unidentified maker, Memorial to Hannah Cook, 1818. Silk, cotton and paint, 15 x 16 1/8 in. Collection of Shelburne Museum, museum purchase, acquired from Edith Halpert, The Downtown Gallery. 1954-670.

The embroidery is very similar to the only other two embroideries on silk in this style known to exist from this era.  The other two were made in Chippenhook.  See the Elmira Clarinda Walker Embroidery and Lydia/Lucy Hills Embroidery entries in this collection to see the other two.  Given the similarity it is believed this one was also made in Chippenhook. 

Here is the inscription on the urn:

Sacred / to the memory of/ Hannah Cook, who departed/ this life March the] 27 A.D. 1813 Aged 80 years/ Hark!  She bids all her friends adieu;/ Some angel calls her to the Spheres.  Our eyes/ the radiant Saint pursue.  Through liquid tales/ copes of tears.  Farewell bright Soul a short farewell, till we shall meet again above./  In the sweet groves where pleasure/ dwell And trees of life/ bear fruits of love/ 1818

What we don't know is who this Hannah Cook was and who made the embroidery.  We know there was at least one Cook household on what is now New Horizons Lane in Chippenhook in this timeframe.  This was Lucinda Cook who was bequeathed property ca. 1815 but we don't know anything else about her.  If this was a granddaughter or perhaps great granddaughter of Hannah Cook, her surname was not necessarily Cook.  If we can find Hannah Cook (ca. 1733 - 1813) we might be able to figure out who made this embroidery.