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Howard-Drake Site Artifacts

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Howard-Drake Site Artifacts
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7/21/2020 1:46:57 PM
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Philip L Mandolare
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Clarendon Artifacts
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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This site is just off New Horizons Lane.  The original two homes that were here are long gone and two mid-1900's structures are there currently. As occurs with sites that have been occupied across long expanses of time, the artifacts similarly cross that expanse.  The buckle shown is ca. 1790 - 1820.  the threaded cap, two piece button, and some garment clips are ca. 1870 - 1900.  The pottery shards and pocket watch are ca. 1880 - 1920.  The hurricane lamp globe holder is ca. late 1800's. There were as well more modern items found such as the bullet and coins.  

See the Howard-Drake Cellar Hole entry in the Cellar Hole collection for more information on the site. 

These photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020. 

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