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Howard - Drake Cellar Hole

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Howard - Drake Cellar Hole
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7/21/2020 1:21:16 PM
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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This cellar hole off of New Horizon's Lane had been described in a deed as one rod square.  Accurate measurement of long deteriorated cellar holes is difficult.  A current approximation is 15' X 20'.

Drawing upon research by Dawn Hance, we know that Christopher Howard (1749 - 1813) had bought a 3 acre parcel from Josiah Eddy in 1790.  By 1805 there were two houses on the property.  This home and a blacksmith shop was left to Christopher's daughter Deborah Drake.  We only know of Deborah through this transaction.  We don't know whether her mother was Christopher's 1st wife Penelope Westcott (1750 - 1773) or his 2nd wife Hope ___.   Deborah was married to Adin Drake (ca. 1769 - 1814).  Presumably Deborah and Adin didn't have any children as Deborah left the home with .75 acres to her friend Lucinda Cook.  Charles Cook (Lucinda's husband or son?) sold the home in 1820 to Allen Shepardson (1799 - 1871). 

Christopher Howard's home was to the south of this home.  That home and 2 acres was sold to Allen Shepardson and his brother Otis (1806 - 1887) in 1832.  In 1839 Benjamin Fisk Jr. (1796 - 1884) bought 20 acres from the Shepardsons which included these two parcels and homes.  Benjamin is shown as living on this site in both the 1854 and 1869 maps.  Presumably one of the two Christopher Howard homes was gone by 1854. Benjamin had been married to Katherine Colvin (1790 - 1852) and was the son of Benjamin Fisk (1770 - 1866) and Freelove Colvin (1771 - 1844).

These photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  See the Howard - Drake Site Artifacts entry in the Artifacts collection for items found here.  

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