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W. P. Horton House

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W. P. Horton House
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This middle Rd home was built in 1896 for William Potter Horton (1845 - 1928).  William had been married to Mary Eva Mackenzie (1852 - 1882) with whom he had two sons.  Town Clerk Edwin Congdon recorded her death as "Nervous prostration, probably suicide by poison".  Sadly one of their sons, Arthur E. Horton (1872 - 1921), a civil engineer in Everett, MA, also committed suicide, despondent over business setbacks. 

William was the son of Timothy K. Horton (1814 - 1896) and Susan Tacy Potter (1815 - 1893).  Timothy was the renowned builder of the Kingsley Covered Bridge, Clarendon Town Hall, and Brick Church Parsonage.  See the Timothy K. Horton, Builder entry in the people collection to learn more about him.  One of William's sisters was Susan Bailey, the benefactress of the Bailey Library. See the Cornelia (Horton) Bailey, Benefactress entry in the People collection to learn more about her.

We know when this house was built from an Oct. 10, 1896 Rutland Daily Herald article:
Mrs. Cornelia Bailey of Boston, MA is assisting her brother W.P. Horton in moving into his new house.  

There had been another home on this site, likely slightly to the north and closer to the road than the present home.  This had been the home of William's parents who had bought this lot in 1840 for $100 from Joseph Gaskill and presumably built a house soon after.  His father Timothy had amongst other things been the postmaster for many years and as was the custom for the time the post office was in his house.  That home was lost to fire in 1892.  Per the Sept. 13, 1892 Rutland Daily Herald:

T.K. Horton's dwelling house and postoffice at Clarendon was burned to the ground Sunday noon.  It took fire in the roof, it is supposed, from a defective chimney.  Everything that was in the house was saved.  The insurance was $750. 

The following year T.K.Horton built another home on an adjoining parcel that had long been in his family.  See the T.K.Horton House entry in this collection for more on that. 

The cover photo is from 2007 town records and the photos below from 2018 town records.
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