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Briggs House

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Briggs House
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We do not know when this Middle Rd home was built or by who.  At the time of the 1869 map the Thomas Jefferson Briggs (1827 - 1907) and Sarah Ann (Kinsman) Briggs (1829 - 1870) household lived here.  Married in 1849, they did not have any known children.  In 1872 Thomas married the widow Helen A. (Landen) French (1837 - 1889) in Clarendon. That same year they moved to Rutland where their daughter Marilla Briggs (1872 - 1879) was born.  After Marilla's death at age 7 of membraneous croup, Thomas & Helen moved to Poultney where they remained for the rest of their days.

At the time of the 1854 map, this home was owned by either Josiah French Sr. (1791 - 1858) or his son Josiah French Jr. (1817 - 1909).  Whichever one owned this house, the other one lived slightly northeast across the road in the Adams House.  Thomas Jefferson Brigg's 2nd wife Helen (Landen) (French) Briggs was the widow of Benjamin Franklin French (1830 - 1865), son of Josiah Sr. 

This home was immediately south of Mill River Union High School and was torn down ca. 2016.  The cover photo is from 2007 town records.