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Wylie Lime Kiln

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Wylie Lime Kiln
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William Wylie (1784 - 1858) lived on what became the southern end of Creek Rd before the road was formally created.  He was married to Abigail Lord (1793 - 1874) with whom he had 10 children.  The cover photo is of an 1822 newspaper ad for his lime kiln business.  It hasn't been definitively proved but it is likely his kilns are the ones described in the 1986 Vermont Division of Historic Preservation study, courtesy of Matthew Moriarty of Castleton University, found at the link above.  This site was in use to as late as 1920. 

See the Wylie House entry in the Homes collection and the Wylie-Smith Bridges entry in the Bridges collection for more information on the Wylie family.