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William Thomas Nichols, Renaissance Man

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William Thomas Nichols, Renaissance Man
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One of the most extraordinary people to have come from Clarendon was William Thomas Nichols (1829 - 1882).  He was an attorney, legislator, soldier, shipwreck survivor, inventor, and founder of a town.  He lost his first fortune and then made another. 

William was born in Clarendon to James Tilson Nichols (1803 - 1868) and Minerva Abigail (Briggs) Nichols (1808 - 1850).  His great grandparents Daniel Briggs (1730 - 1820) and Elizabeth (Spencer) Briggs (1835 - 1819) were amongst the earliest settlers of Clarendon.

William's first wife was Thyrza Stevens Crampton (1832 - 1865) with whom he had two daughters, May (1857 - 1865) and Lucy (1860 - 1891).  After Thyrza and May died of typhoid fever he married Thyrza's sister Helen (1830 -1895) with whom he had sons Edward (1869 - 1907) and Harry (1872 - 1944)

William's April 11, 1882 Chicago Tribune obituary which outlines his extraordinary life can be seen below.  He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland.

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