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W.S & H.H. Eddy House

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W.S & H.H. Eddy House
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This ca. 1860 Creek Rd home was at the time of the 1869 map the home noted as W.S & H.H. Eddy.  This was Winslow Salisbury Eddy and his brother Hiram Holmes Eddy. 

The 1870 census had 3 households in this home.  The 1st was Winslow Eddy (1828 - 1908), his wife Susan (Ricker) Eddy (1842 - 1920) and the 1st three of their eventual nine children.  The 2nd was Winslow's brother Hiram Eddy (1830 - 1910), sister Mary Ann Eddy (1826 - 1912) and their nephew Alvin James Eddy (1857 - 1930).  Neither Hiram or his sister Mary Ann married.  They continued to live together for the remainder of their lives. The 3rd household was James Alvin Eddy (1823 - 1906), his 2nd wide Margaret Patterson (1841 - ) and their son.  Note that the above noted nephew Alvin James (1857 -1930) was the son of James Alvin (1823 - 1906) and his 1st wife Harriet Clark (1840 - 1883) .  James and Harriet apparently had divorced. 

This photo is courtesy of Town of Clarendon records.