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Brick School in Clarendon Flats

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Brick School in Clarendon Flats
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We do not know what this school looked like. The cover photo is of the 1804 brick schoolhouse in Buckland, MA, a little below the Vermont border, courtesy of the Buckland Historical Society.

The brick school in Clarendon Flats was just north of the Brick Church on what is now the Congdon ballfield. We do not know when this school was built but it was still in operation in 1867 when the Freemen of Clarendon held an election there.  We do know it was in existence by 1824 because it was mentioned in a deed from Caleb Hall to the 2nd Religious Society for the land that the Brick Church was built on.  That deed included one half ownership of the brick schoolhouse and yard.

In 1868 the current Town Hall structure was built and at some point classes were moved into it.  How long the brick school lasted after 1867 is not known. 

A question arises as to where the bricks came from for the school.  Before rail lines came through this area, bringing bricks enough for houses and buildings from afar would have been an arduous task.  Most likely they came from Rutland.  We are unaware of a brick making operation in Clarendon in the early 1800's.  An ad from 1822 has been found for Crary & Parker in Clarendon selling brick for $.02 per pound cash or $.04 per pound if paid in produce. Whether they made bricks or were just selling bricks made elsewhere is not known.