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For a brief period Clarendon had a rodeo.  In 1979 Michael Irish and James Tiraboschi built an arena for rodeo events in Chippenhook.  The Oct. 6, 1979 Rutland Herald advertisement above says Clarendon Springs but the May 11, 1979 public hearing notice describes the location as east of Lavictoire Auto Sales and a second source indicates it was just east of Lavictoires back off  Walker Mountain Rd where a house was subsequently built. 

The June 12, 1979 newspaper article below provides the background for this project, and notes it was in Chippenhook. 

Janet Keefe has shared 5-30-2020 comments indicating two prior Walker Mountain Rd locations for the rodeo before the 1979 arena was built: 

At least one rodeo was held where Carol Geary lives.  After that Jim built an arena behind his house.  The riding group from Fort Ann, NY - I think it was Royal Soldiers used to come to our rodeos and we would go to theirs.  They had a horrific accident on the curve at the Clarendon Springs hotel one night on their way home.  The truck hit the shoulder of the road and tipped over killing at least one horse.

We would be most appreciative for more information on this venture. 
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