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History of Baseball in Clarendon

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History of Baseball in Clarendon
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5/26/2020 6:02:55 PM
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The report at the link above begins to document the history of baseball in Clarendon going back to an 1868 Rutland Herald newspaper article.  There may have been baseball teams here in Clarendon prior to that but documentation has not been found to date. 

Amongst the many things we don't know is where some of the baseball fields were.  The fields which we know existed, even if not where, are included in the above noted report. 

Please help us with this via photos of ball fields and teams, and with additional documentation of Clarendon's baseball heritage. 

The cover photo is from 1903 of the Lennon Brothers of Joliet, IL.  Help us replace it with an older photograph of a Clarendon team.