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Glynn Ice Pond

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Glynn Ice Pond
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Ice ponds used to be common enough in the era prior to modern refrigeration.  Farmers, businesses, and households needed ice to preserve milk and food that would otherwise quickly spoil in warm weather.  During the winter months ice would be harvested off of lakes and ponds and stored in designated structures built for that purpose.  In places like Clarendon that didn't have natural lakes and ponds, man-made ponds would be created in meadows drawing water off of streams and rivers into shallow ponds. 

The demise of the ice harvesting industry began with the introduction of the first modern refrigerators about 1915 but it took another couple decades before refrigerators became the norm. Even then kitchen iceboxes could still be found in use into the 1950's

There certainly were others but as yet we only know of one ice pond in Clarendon, that of Lewis. S. Glynn (1856 - 1933) on East Clarendon Rd.  He lived in the vicinity of Wintookit Lane but where precisely his ice pond was is not yet known.

The only documentation of the Glynn ice pond found to date are two brief mentions in the Rutland Herald:

Jan. 29, 1911 - East Clarendon - Farmers in this vicinity are putting in their annual supply of ice from L.S. Glynn's ice pond.

Feb. 10, 1915 - Clarendon - Lewis Glynn of East Clarendon is cutting ice on his pond for the farmers.

We would be most appreciative of any additional information on the Glynn ice pond or other ice ponds in Clarendon. 

The cover photo is courtesy of the Dublin, NH Historical Society.