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New Horizons Camp

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New Horizons Camp
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New Horizon Children's Camp began in 1942 per the Bicentennial Roll of Honor in the Sept. 6, 1961 Rutland Herald.  By 1945 it was shortened to New Horizons Camp.  It was located on New Horizons Lane in the Chippenhook part of town.  The camp advertised itself as for boys and girls ages 5 - 14 for most of its tenure, with slight variations some years allowing children as young as 4 or as old as 16. Starting in 1951 the camp allowed for day students to also enroll. Though the camp offered a broad array of sports and other outdoor activities, there was a strong focus on dance, music, and art. 

New Horizons Camp was located on a 45 acre parcel fronting on the Clarendon River and may have created or naturally had an  area that allowed them in 1946 to include "swimming in a private lake" in an advertisement .  Also in 1946 a pool was constructed by Earle & Merry of Rutland.  In 1956 they started including horse riding in their advertisements.  The final year of operation as a camp was likely 1962.  No advertisements were found after that.  It appears Edmond and Gloria were active in a number of local organizations and used their camp as a venue for functions for various groups.  In Aug. 1967 a public auction of the camp, including 12 ponies, was advertised.  It must not have succeeded because in Sept. of that year it was listed for sale. 

The co-directors of the camp were Edmond Nicely McGee (1895 - 1990) and Gloria Stanley.  Other than she was a dance teacher in Connecticut and NYC, nothing else is known about her.  Edmond was originally from Kentucky and had been married to Jane Aiwilda Hastings (1899 - 1962) in Massachusetts with whom he had 4 children.  They were divorced prior to the taking of the 1930 census and by 1933 we find Edmond and Gloria in the Southington, CT Directory where Edmond was working as an auctioneer and Gloria teaching dance and recorded as his wife. Gloria went by Glorya Stanley in her role as co-director of the camp and for the Glorya Stanley Dance School she had in Rutland, but was noted as Mrs. E.N. McGee in local newspaper accounts of social functions in keeping with the norms of the times.  In Edmond's Largo, FL obituary it notes he moved to Largo from Rutland in 1960.  It notes a companion he had, Mildred Daniell, but there is no mention of Gloria or his 1st wife. 

It could be that Edmond only began wintering in Largo in 1960 given the 1967 auction listed him and Joe Bove as the auctioneers.  Joe Bove subsequently served as the realtor selling the property. 

Below is an undated letter from a boy named Harry to his parents on camp letterhead and an undated  standard inquiry response Glorya was using to parents of prospective campers.  At the bottom is a photo from 1998 town records and a photo from 2020.

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