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Wintookit Lane House

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Wintookit Lane House
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Middlebury College Vermont
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Middlebury College Special Collections
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Middlebury College Special Collections
Poulin Collection @ Middlebury College
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We do not know who built this ca. 1835 Wintookit Lane home or who was living here at the time of the 1854 or 1869 maps.  More research is needed.  Not every home was included in those maps.

These photos are courtesy of the Poulin Collection at Middlebury College.  In the 1960's Francis Poulin walked the entire length of the right of way of the Rutland Railroad and took photographs.  These two photos captured this home in the background.  The rail bridge shown is Railroad Bridge #149, East Clarendon in the railroad collection. 

Closer up photos of this home and data on its history would be much appreciated. 

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