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1976 Plane Crash Site

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1976 Plane Crash Site
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4/18/2020 2:38:14 PM
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Philip L Mandolare
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Clarendon Artifacts
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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On April 26, 1976 a plane crashed into the mountain west of West Tinmouth Rd and killed the two men who were in it.  Below are modern day photos of what remains of the debris field.  See the Search for Missing Plane 1976 and the Missing Plane Recovery entries in this collection for contemporary newspaper articles about the crash and the search for the victims. 

From our Facebook site we have a couple recollections about the plane crash site;

From Joe Galarneau:  As a sheriff's deputy I stood guard over the scene all night until investigators showed up the next day.

From Mary Lou Waugh: Knowing the plane was missing, Palma and I rode our horses to aid in the search.  A trail led to the area, which we followed.  Not quite to the site each of our horses started to blow, and act in a manner that was not customary.  Then the site was within view.  We left the area and reported the location to the authorities. 

These photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.
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