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1927 Flood @ Clarendon History Book

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1927 Flood @ Clarendon History Book
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7/8/2017 11:07:24 AM
1976 Clarendon History Book
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History of Clarendon Published 1976
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History of Clarendon
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This entry repeats the entry in the Clarendon History book published in 1976.

The narrative from the book is at the link above.  The cover photo is of the Pitts Cider Mill shown in the book.  Other photos found in the book can be seen by clicking on the links shown here in blue.  They are of the Cold River Bridge and North Clarendon Village

From Dawn Walters Aug. 7, 2020 in the historic society Facebook group:

My mother used to tell about this flood and how her father, Arthur LaCross, came to get her from primary school (they lived in Rutland). She never forgot and always told us about him walking her over a trestle bridge because the roads were flooded, telling her not to look down and to just hold his hand and step where he stepped. If he had not been successful in getting them both to safety, I would not be here!