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Albee House

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Albee House
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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We do not know who built this Cobb Lane home or precisely when.  Estimates range from ca. 1800 on up to the mid-1800's.  In 1846 Caleb Hall sold an acre of land to Archibald Miller for $400, reserving the right to have water run in pump logs across the property to Hall's property.  At the time of the 1869 map it was the home of James Albee (1793-1887) and his 2nd wife Hannah (McIntire) Albee (1798-1896).  His 1st wife was Anna (Hurlburt) Albee (1797 - 1853) with whom he had at least 5 children. 

James and Hannah bought this home in 1868, moving here from the Chippenhook part of town. 

The cover photo is courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  The bottom photo taken in 1959 is courtesy of Ed Congdon.  Any additional information on this house would be much appreciated.
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