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Clarendon Valley Marble Co.

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Clarendon Valley Marble Co.
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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The Clarendon Valley Marble Company quarry was located west of East St in the southern part of town.  After leasing 20 acres from James D. Pratt (1851 - 1932) they bought an additional 20 acres from him in 1910 for $25,000; a price that garnered newspaper coverage statewide. That transaction is detailed in the June 14, 1910 Rutland Herald article below. 

What happened subsequently is not known as it did not garner additional newspaper coverage It is not known if the quarry hole shown in these photos is from the original 20 acres leased or if it is from the subsequent 20 acres bought for $25,000.  Regardless, something happened as the physical evidence found indicates this never grew into a large operation. 

The Dec. 22, 1910 edition of the Burlington Free Press indicated the Clarendon Valley Marble Co. was getting ready to open a quarry on land recently purchased in Brandon.

These photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.
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