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Captain Durham Sprague, War of 1812

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Captain Durham Sprague, War of 1812
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War of 1812
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Compilation of War of 1812 soldiers.
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Not much is known about Captain Durham Sprague (June 8, 1770 - ca. 1834) but he is a notable figure in the history of Clarendon on several points.  Stephen Arnold, the first Town Clerk of Clarendon (1778-1799), noted that Durham was the first white male child born in Clarendon.  His parents, perhaps noting that milestone, named him Durham.  Durham is what Clarendon was called under the Lydius Land Grant which was the first claim on what is now Clarendon.  In Sept. 1814 Capt. Sprague led men from Clarendon to Plattsburg, NY to fight the British.  That venture was the primary involvement in the War of 1812 for most of the soldiers from Clarendon.  When exactly Capt. Sprague died and where he is buried is not known.  He was married to Mary Marcy (1770 - ?).  His father Jesse (1738 - 1818) was a Revolutionary War veteran.  His mother Esther (1738- 1840) lived to 101. 

Durham was found in the Clarendon census for 1800, 1820 & 1830 and in Rutland in 1810.  He had children Rufus, Jesse, Harriet, and Esther, and likely more based on the size of his household in the 1810 census. 

The 15 star flag shown is from the War of 1812.

The attached from North American Family Histories 1500 - 2000 details Durham's parents and siblings and their migration to Clarendon.