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Brick Church Parsonage

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Brick Church Parsonage
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Robert Underhill
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Bob Underhill
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This Middle Rd home was built in 1873 by Timothy K. Horton (1814 - 1896), a renowned local builder who also built the Kingsley Covered Bridge and the Clarendon Town Hall.  It was built as a replacement for the prior parsonage.  The first pastor to live here was the Rev. Nathaniel Porter Gilbert (1831 - 1876) who served as pastor 1873 - 1875.  When it ceased serving as the parsonage is not known. 

A photo of Rev. Gilbert can be seen below.  He served as a missionary in Santiago, Chile for 10 years where he established their first Protestant Christian church.  He is buried in Hillside Cemetery in Castleton.

The cover photo is a ca. 1910 postcard donated by Bob Underhill.  The photo below is from 2007 town records. 

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