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Wylie House

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Wylie House
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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The core of this Creek Rd home was built in 1791 for James Wylie (1746 - 1791) and his wife Prudence Crary (1746 - 1813) who had started farming on that site in 1777.  It then passed down for two additional generations ending with William Wylie (1833 - 1888) who died unmarried and without children.  This home has been substantially expanded and altered and is not easily recognizable as having a core as old as it does.

When this house was built, Creek Rd did not yet extend south of its intersection with Walker Mountain Rd.  Access was via a path coming up from Wallingford and/or a bridge over the Otter Creek linking this home and the L. P Smith home to the rest over Clarendon via what is now Rt 7B South. 

See the Wylie-Smith Otter Creek Bridges in the bridges collection for more information about access to this home.  See also the Wylie Barn entry in the Farms and barns collection. 

This photo is courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  We would be most grateful for any older photos of this home before it was expanded and modernized.