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Silas Smith House

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Silas Smith House
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This house is thought to be the Silas Smith house as described in the Chapman Farm entry found in the Farms and Barns collection.  That entry copies a chapter from the 1976 Clarendon History book.  The pertinent segment is:

In 1786, young Obadiah Chapman, along with his wife, Elizabeth Northrup Chapman and 10 year old Joseph came from Salisbury, Connecticut to the farm which they had purchased in 1774.  This same farm has remained in the Chapman family until today.  They moved into a house purchased from Silas Smith.  The story has been handed down that Ethan Allen had stayed overnight in that house during Revolutionary War times.  The oldest living family members recall being told that this house many years later was moved across the road, and having been added to, exists now as part of the white house in which my father Robert was born, as were my brother Richard and myself. 

If the story is accurate then this house is pre-1786.  On the 1869 map this Rt 133 home is the Bradley N. Chapman home.  Bradley (1829 - 1875) was married to Charlotte Curtiss (1832 - 1882) and was the great grandson of Obadiah Chapman (1752 - 1812) who began the Chapman dynasty in Clarendon.

The cover photo is from 2006 town records. The photo below is courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  We would be most grateful for any older photographs of this home.
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