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War of 1812 Soldiers

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War of 1812 Soldiers
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War of 1812
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Compilation of War of 1812 soldiers.
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The map shown is from the 1868 book "The Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812" by Benson J. Lossing.  This map was chosen because the majority of the Clarendon participation in the War of 1812 was in conjunction with the Battle of Plattsburg.  Captain Durham Sprague of Clarendon led the soldiers from Clarendon for that battle. 

The link above brings you to a compilation of War of 1812 soldiers from Clarendon, updated March 2018. 

Here you can find a history of Vermont in the War of 1812 from the book which served as the primary source for the compilation of Clarendon soldiers.