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Crippen House

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Crippen House
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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By 1850, or perhaps a little prior, the Crippen family lived here, having come from Pittsford.  This house is said to have been built in the 1840's and if correct, the Crippens may not have been the first occupants.  This was Amos Crippen (1808 - 1884) and his wife Charlotte Smith (1813 - 1889).  They had at least 7 children, the oldest 3 not living to adulthood.  

The cover photo is from 2006 town records and the one below from 1989 town records.  The photos below that are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  We would be most grateful for any older photographs of this home. 
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