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Caleb Congdon House

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Caleb Congdon House
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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This ca. 1828 home on East St. was likely originally the home of Caleb Congdon (1792 - 1856).   His mother Amy (Briggs) Congdon (1758 - 1792 died a month after he was born and his father Caleb Congdon Sr. the following year.  His Briggs relatives raised Caleb and his two siblings.  It is not clear whether Caleb ever married or had children. 

This home passed to the Lawrence Tiernan (ca. 1807 - 1885) & Julia (McCann) Tiernan (ca. 1825 - 1901) family.  The Tiernans came to Clarendon ca. 1852 from County Meath, Ireland as evidenced by their daughter Katherine having been born in Ireland in Dec. 1851 followed by their daughter Julia being born in Clarendon in Feb. 1853.  Of Lawrence and Julia's 11 children, the youngest 7 were born here.   Lawrence was naturalized in 1857. 

This photo is courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  We would be most grateful for any older photographs of this home.