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1789 Journey Through Vermont

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1789 Journey Through Vermont
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3/22/2020 7:51:56 AM
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Richard & Diana Pratt
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Pratt Family Archives
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Photos and misc documents of the Pratt farm and family.
Dick & Diana Pratt
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This reprint of a 1920 publication is the account of the Rev. Nathan Perkins (1749 - 1838) detailing his April 27, 1789 to June12, 1789 journey from Hartford, CT up through Massachusetts and the western side of Vermont as far north as Burlington.  His travels brought him to Clarendon on Saturday May 9th where he was the guest of Elihu Smith for two days of which he said:

Saturday went to Clarindon - to Elihu Smiths esq, - a rich man, - a great boaster, - a fine farm on ye otter Creek, preached 2 Sabbath in May at his house, - ye people of Wallingford met with Clarindon, very attentive.  I fared badly at Clarindon, & my horse worse. here I had an Interview with ye Revd Mr. Swift of Bennington, & Mr. Marsh, Master of Bennington Academy. 

The full diary can be seen here.  Rev. Perkin's account of the people and places he visited on his journey was often unkind and elitist but it is an excellent account of conditions in rural Western Massachusetts and Vermont at the time. 

The Elihu Smith home still exists and can be seen in the Elihu Smith House entry in the Homes collection.  This book was donated courtesy of Dick & Diana Pratt. 
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