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Edmunds vs Susie's Peak

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Edmunds vs Susie's Peak
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Where did the name Susie's Peak come from?  It is Edmunds Peak according to the USGS (United States Geologic Survey).  That designation likely derives from the Edmunds family that were in Chippenhook by the late 1770's.  The Edmunds Cemetery is on Gravel Pit Rd just off West Tinmouth Rd.

The earliest reference to Susie's Peak found in the Rutland Herald thus far is from 1976.  Though it would require usage of the name Susie's Peak having begun many years prior, one speculation is that Susie was Susie M. Barstow (1836 - 1923) of NYC.  Susie was an accomplished hiker in New England, NY, and Europe and also an accomplished landscape artist.  As can be seen in the attached article, she did some of her landscapes here in Clarendon.  What became of those paintings or what they were of is not known, but it is not too far fetched to hypothesize a painting done up on Susie's Peak after a hike she did. 

It was referred to as Susie Pitcher's Peak in the 1976 Clarendon history book.  There were Pitchers in Clarendon by the 1780's on what is now Middle Road in the northern part of town but no record of a Suzie/Susan/Susannah has been found in Clarendon or elsewhere in Rutland County.