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1891 Sugaring Thermometer

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1891 Sugaring Thermometer
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3/19/2020 4:39:44 PM
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Richard & Diana Pratt
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Pratt Family Archives
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Photos and misc documents of the Pratt farm and family.
Dick & Diana Pratt
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This sugaring thermometer was passed down in the Pratt family and donated by Dick & Diana Pratt. It was patented in 1891 by the A.J. Dodge Company in Peterboro, NH (now Peterborough).  A.J. was Albert Jones Dodge (1857 - 1933).  We don't know when he started manufacturing thermometers but clearly is was by 1891 when this one was patented and it continued up until his death in 1933. 

John Holden Pratt (1883 - 1951) and his wife Katherine Smith Holden (1886 - 1940) bought their Middle Road farm in 1914 from Elizabeth (Trombley) Butler (1869 - ), widow of Edward Butler (1864 - 1913).  More information on the farm can be seen in the Pratt Barns, Pratt Farm, and 1948 Vermont Life - Pratt Farm entries in the Farms and Barns collection. 
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