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Moore House

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Moore House
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VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
Rick Bersaw
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Details on this ca. 1830's Peters Lane house can be found at the link above for the 1976 historical survey of Clarendon.  This property is map #3.

This home is named after the Andrew & Marcia Moore family.  Andrew (10/31/1810 - 1/1/1886) immigrated from Clorkelt, County Down, Ireland at age 18.  His wife Marcia Powers (2/20/1817 - 3/4/1894) was born in Chittenden.  They were married ca.1836 and were living in Clarendon, where they remained for the rest of their lives, by time of the 1840 census.  Andrew and Marcia had 9 children, one of which was Thomas Moore whose mule business advertisement can be seen in the Buildings and Enterprises collection.   Another son, Justus Gardner Moore (1840-1924) owned the Moore Marble Works in Clarendon Springs, headstones being a primary product.  In 1846 Andrew was naturalized as a citizen in Rutland.  Both Andrew and Marcia are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland. 

Andrew was recorded as being a carpenter in the 1850 census, as "carriage" in 1860 (servicing the tourist trade?), as a farmer in 1870, and as a wheel wright in 1880.  He was appointed Postmaster for Clarendon Springs in 1857, 1872, and 1885. 

The cover photo is from 2000 records and the one below from 2006 town records. The photo at the bottom was taken in 2017 by Rick Bersaw. 

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