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Clarendon Flats School 1934

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Clarendon Flats School 1934
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2/23/2020 5:32:51 AM
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Edwin Congdon
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Documents and Photos
Ed Congdon
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This 1934 photo courtesy of Ed Congdon shows the class at the Clarendon Flats School.  The teacher on the left is Louise Pierce.  The students are as follows:

Back Row:

Leland Congdon, Walter Bowen, Lyle Davenport, Geneva Kilburn, Ida Kilburn, Helena Leahey, ?

Middle Row:

Alice Bowen, ?, David Minard, Robert Pratt, Elizabeth Congdon, Clarice Whitcomb Edward Congdon

Front Row:

Sylvia Johnson, Janice Weston, Beverly Bowen, Harold Johnson, Frederick Pratt, ?, ?

If anyone can identify the unknowns it would be greatly appreciated.