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Union Hall

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Union Hall
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Most histories of Clarendon Springs talk of the Clarendon House, the Green Mountain House, and the American House, each of which have entries in this collection.  Not included in those histories is Union Hall which was a predecessor to the American House.  Originally the home of George Rounds (1746 - 1842) built in 1798, it was acquired by David Hodgman (1792 - 1857) and became Union Hall in 1834.  

David was born in Hartland, VT and was a 2nd Lieutenant in the War of 1812.  In 1818 in Woodstock he married Mary Fletcher "Polly" Houghton (1803 - ).  They were still in Woodstock at the time of the 1830 census.  Sometime after that the family moved to Clarendon Springs.  The June 16, 1834 Rutland Weekly Herald ad below announces the opening of Union Hall in what had been the O.H. Rounds (1788 - 1875) home.

The 2nd photo below is of a June 14, 1836 Rutland Weekly Herald ad catering to affluent tourists.  In 1839 Dr. H.S. Potter advertised that he had taken rooms at Union Hall and would be seeing patients.  In 1840 Dr. Meacham made reference in an ad to having offices next door to Union Hall. 

The 3rd photo below is from the June 20, 1844 Rutland Weekly Herald where in addition to announcing renovations he advertises a Ladies School to be held at Union Hall that summer.  There was an announcement in the Rutland Weekly Herald on July 4, 1844 announcing the Liberty Party convention to be held at Union Hall on July 11th at 10AM  In that same edition there was an announcement of the Rutland County Temperance Society that was also going to meet at Union Hall on July 11th at 3PM.  On July 11, 1844 there was a group ad in the Vermont Union Whig promoting Union Hall, the Clarendon House, and the Green Mountain House.  In 1844 Union Hall was listed several times as being a Temperance House. 

The last mention found to date of Union Hall was in the Aug. 23, 1848 Vermont Union Whig announcing an anti-slavery meeting to be held there. 

In 1850 David Hodgman and family were still living in Clarendon but David was listed as not having any employment. Some time after that he and Polly followed their daughter Mary Elizabeth (Hodgman) Brown (1826 - 1910) to Illinois where he died in 1857 in Wauconda. 

According to area historian Dawn Hance, in 1841 David lost Union Hall in a suit by Remembrance Hitchcock (1770 - 1849) who had financed the structure.  Despite that, given David was still listed as the proprietor in 1844 he continued to operate the hotel.  Remembrance Hitchcock sold it to Lewis M. Walker (1781 - 1863) who sold it to Enoch Smith (1800 - 1889) who in 1858 sold it to Lyman Johnson (1801 - 1874). Per the ad at the very bottom he called it American Hall and expanded the hotel.  This clarifies the difference in the photo of the American House entry found in this collection and the smaller structure found in David Hodgman's ads.  Lyman Johnson subsequently sold the property to Byron Murray (1802 - 1882) who owned the Clarendon House.  The structure was torn down sometime in the 1910 - 1920 timeframe by Byron's granddaughter Louise Murray (1879 - 1966).

The cover photo comes from advertisements made June 14, 1836, June 20, 1844, and July 25, 1844.
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