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Colvin Mill

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Colvin Mill
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Historic Building
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Philip L Mandolare
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Clarendon Artifacts
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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The Colvin Mill was powered by water from the Clarendon River impounded by the Colvin Dam (see entry in this collection).  Water flowed down an approximate 712' chase from the dam to the mill.  When the mill was built and when it ceased operations is not known. 

In the 1976 Clarendon history book there is a passage as follows which likely is referring to this site:

Ben Colvin, a descendant of Daniel, operated an up-and-down type sawmill on the river about two miles south of the Hook.  Remnants of his ditching and dam may still be seen.  The exact dates of his operation are unknown, but it was sometime in the mid-1800's.  Colvin also constructed a large slide to remove logs off of the steep upper slope of Suzie's peak

The mill site is approximately 40' x 100'.  Whether that entire area had a building on top of it or if part was simply the holding reservoir at the end of the chase is not known.  In the 1st photo below you can see the outlet for water exiting the reservoir.  The bottom photo shows a part of the chase that brought water from the dam. 

The photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020. 
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