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Memoirs of Helen Congdon Durfee (1913-2011)

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Memoirs of Helen Congdon Durfee (1913-2011)
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Memoirs of Helen Congdon Durfee (1913-2011)
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Memoirs of Helen Congdon Durfee (1913-2011)
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In 1993 Helen Congdon Durfee wrote her memoirs of growing up in Clarendon for her grandchildren.  The narrative portion of the book can be found at the "Link to Document" above. 

Helen's obituary can be found here.  Photos from the book can be found below:

No image availableJulia Johnson & Hugh Congdon in 1909

No image availableCongdon Family Mid 1800's

No image availableThe Farm ca. 1900

No image availableHelen and sister Ella ca. 1915

No image availableJulia Congdon, Helen and siblings Ella, Leland, and Edward 1923

No image availableHelen age 21, Helen and Lester Durfee 1934