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Spencer Smith House

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Spencer Smith House
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Robert Underhill
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Donated Books, Maps, Misc
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Items donated by Bob Underhill and kept in his home until such point as the historic society has a physical home of its own.
Bob Underhill, Phil Mandolare (newer photos)
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This photo from before 1916 comes from the book Shrewsbury, Our Town As It Was by Dawn Hance.  It was on the former Rt 103 before it was rerouted.  It is now on Pluss Lane.  A predecessor dwelling on this site burned in 1870 with this home being built shortly thereafter.  See the Mapleside Tourist Inn entry in the Buildings & Enterprises collection for additional photos of this property. 

Spencer Crary Smith (1813 - 1887) was married to Lorenda Hart Bowman (1814 - 1885)

Current photos courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020 are below.  The bottom photo is from 2006 town records.  Photographs of the main barn can be seen in the entry Pluss Farm Barn in the Farms and barns collection. 
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