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Grange Hall

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Grange Hall
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Historic Building
1976 Clarendon History Book
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History of Clarendon Published 1976
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History of Clarendon
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The photo is from the 1976 Clarendon History book.  Also from that book is the accompanying article found at the link above.  The Grange Hall is located on Moulton Ave. Below is a photo from the rear of the building in 2017 from Bob Underhill and courtesy of Ed Congdon, an undated photo from before the renovations. The bottom photos are courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.

From the 1996 Town Report which had the Grange Hall on its cover we have the following from the inside cover:

The 1970's historic survey indicates this building was erected ca. 1880.  Research by Dawn Hance indicates the cheese factory was built by 1874.  Nicholas Powers, a nationally known covered-bridge builder who lived in Clarendon Village, built a cheese factory and creamery that processed milk from over 360 cows, in North Clarendon.  The Otter Creek Grange, organized in 1901, acquired the property in 1921, renovated it,and used it as their meeting hall from 1922 to 1987.  At that time, the Otter Creek Grange dissolved and gave the property to the Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department.  Since then the Clarendon Volunteer Fire Department has maintained the building, and kept it open for community use, including senior meals, contra dancing and community suppers. 

See also the Grange Hall Renovations entry in the Events collection and the History of Libraries in Clarendon entry in this collection. 

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