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Slaves and Former Slaves in Clarendon?

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Slaves and Former Slaves in Clarendon?
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The document found at the link above details what we know about slaves and former slaves that lived in Clarendon. With the notable exception of former slave Brister Bennett we know very little about these people; in some cases not even their name.  If more data on these individuals or additional individuals becomes known the essay will be updated.

The cover photo is the 1774 Rhode Island census of which Brister Bennett might have been one of the 68 black males above age 16 in Warwick. 

The attached essay includes the following likely slaves or former slaves:
Catherine Quow
Asa Blagdon
Cato Williams - Lydia
Pompey Giers
Richard Geers
Brister Bennett - Patience Lowe
Henry Howard
James Phillips
Charles Washington
Jack Carpenter

Unknown person in Silas Whitney household
Unknown person in Randall Rice household
Unknown person in Phillip Briggs household
Unknown female under age 14 in Benjamin Roberts household
Unknown male 26 - 44 in Jacob Buttons household
Unknown male 22 - 35 in Artemus Oliver household