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Chippenhook Meetinghouse

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Chippenhook Meetinghouse
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1976 Clarendon History Book
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History of Clarendon Published 1976
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History of Clarendon
Flora Weeks (1917 article)
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The Chippenhook Meetinghouse was built in 1798.  This undated photo is from the 1976 Clarendon History book. 

At the link above you will find the cover of the 1941 Clarendon Annual Report with another photo of the meeting house followed by a history included in that annual report.  The structure was located where the Chippenhook Schoolhouse is now.  The meetinghouse burned down in 1971. 

The ca. 1920's photo below is courtesy of Dave Potter.  Below that is a Rutland Herald article written in 1917 correcting an earlier article about the history of the Meeting House that it references.  At the very bottom is a sketch by Ed Congdon in 1967.

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