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Revolutionary War Soldiers

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Revolutionary War Soldiers
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1976 Clarendon History Book
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History of Clarendon Published 1976
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History of Clarendon
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The photo shown is from Lt. Colonel Joseph Wait's tombstone.

The link above brings you to nine pages from the 1976 Clarendon History Book first featuring Lt. Colonel Joseph Wait and 61 other Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Clarendon that were documented at that time. 

Note that this list in incomplete to the extent that some Revolutionary War veterans from Clarendon may have moved to other communities.  Others may have lived out their lives in Clarendon but their burial was not recorded causing them to be missed in the 1976 publication. 

What follows are 12 other Rev. War soldiers who lived in Clarendon that were not known at the time of the 1976 compilation.  They are as follows:

Capt. Abraham Salisbury (b. 1730 Scituate, RI, d. 1814 Clarendon).  He had served in RI 1758-1760 in the French and Indian Wars alongside other future Clarendon men (Eddy, Westcott, Dyer) .  In VT he served in 1776, 1777, 1780, and 1781.  He was married to Ezelpha Westcott (b. 1729 RI, d. 1795 Clarendon).  In 1779 Abraham was elected to be a Clarendon Selectman. 

Gardner Salisbury (b. 4-4-1768 Scituate, RI, d.ca. 1820 Hamburg, NY).  He was the son of Capt. Abraham Salisbury above and served starting at age 13 from 1-16-1782 to 5-1-1782 under Capt. William Hutchins stationed at Castleton and Pittsford, VT.  He was married to Hannah Bowman (1774-1821) and moved to NY ca. 1812. 

Sgt. Jesse Sprague (b. 8-29-1738 Providence, RI, d.2-13-1818 Clarendon).  He served under Capt. Abraham Salisbury in 1780 and 1781.  Jesse was married to Esther Dexter (b.5-28-1738 Johnson, RI, d. 3-22-1840 Clarendon).  One of his sons was Capt. Durham Sprague who served in the War of 1812. 

Capt. William Boland (b, 4-30-1735 Scotland, d. 10-16-1810 West Rutland, bur. Pleasant St. Cemetery, West Rutland).  He served in a company formed in Sharon, CT as part of Hooker's Regiment in anticipation of attacking NYC after it fell to the British.  Capt. Boland lived in Clarendon for a period after the war and living here at the time of the 1790 census. He was married to Sarah Hinman (b. 6-1-1742 Woodbury, CT, 9-13-1818 West Rutland).

Isaac Crippen Southworth (b.1-25-1759 Sharon, CT, d. 5-4-1846 West Rutland, bur. Pleasant St. Cemetery, West Rutland).  At age 17 he served as a drummer boy in Capt. William Boland's Company.  In 1780 he married Capt. Boland's daughter Martha Boland (b. 4-23-1762 CT, d. 7-6-1842 West Rutland). Isaac came to Clarendon after the war and lived here until shortly before his death.  He received a military pension.

Peregrine Green Smith (b. 1755 Scituate, RI, d. 3-20-1813 Clarendon, bur. Chippenhook Cemetery).  "Perry" served in Kimball's Regiment in RI.  In 1778 he married Zerviah Eddy (b. 1757 Foster, RI, d.7-1-1847 Clarendon). 

Zebulon Cram (b. 6-30-1760 Wilton, NH, d. 1-27-1850 Wallingford, bur. East Clarendon Cemetery).  He served in Nichol's Regiment in NH 1777, 1778, 1781.  Zebulon lived in Clarendon late in life, being found in the 1840 census.  He received a military pension and was married to Esther (b.ca. 1763 Wilton, NH, d. Wallingford)

Sgt. Samuel Parker (b. 11-11-1754 Lunenberg, MA, d. 7-5-1844 Chittenden, VT, bur. Baird Cemetery, Chittenden).  He enlisted in  Rindge, NH and served in regiments commanded by Colonels Reed, Smith, and Wyman in 1775 and 1776.  He came to Clarendon sometime in the 1783-1792 period and stayed until shortly before his death.  He was married to Hannah Platts (b. 3-5-1758 Rindge, NH, d. 1841 Chittenden, VT).

Ephraim Parker (b.ca. 1760, d. 12-25-1842 Clarendon, bur. East Clarendon Cemetery).  He came to Clarendon sometime after the war and prior to 1790.  Ephraim served in the MA Militia and received a military pension. 

Sgt. Abel Horton (b. 7-14-1756 Scituate, RI, d. 8-24-1842 Danby, VT, bur. Read Cemetery, Danby).  He served 1775 - 1778 and fought at White Plains, NY and Quaker Hill in RI.  Abel lived in Clarendon for a period late in life and is found here in the 1840 census.  He was married to Zerviah Hopkins (b. 1759 Foster, RI, d. 2-14-1843 Clarendon).

Joseph Fields - The only information we have on him is that he appears on a list as being from Clarendon in the "Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society, 1903-1904, 1905-1906". 

Rev. Nathan Crary (b. 3-9-1762 Voluntown, CT, d. 3-25-1852 Pierrepont, NY, bur. Pierrepont Hill Cemetery).  His brother was Colonel Nathaniel Crary of Clarendon.  Nathan had served with Ethan Allen and was a Methodist minister.  He moved from Clarendon to Potsdam, NY in 1806.  Nathan was married in Clarendon to Lydia Arnold (b.1-16-1767 Cranston, RI, d. 4-24-1853 Pierrepont, NY).  A photo of Nathan can be seen below.

Peter Parker (b. `762 Scituate, RI, d. 9-1-1840 Queensbury, NY). Peter served in the Rhode Island Line for 3 years.  He and his family were in Clarendon by 1788 and here until sometime prior to 1810 when he is found in Middletown.  He was in Ira by 1820.  Peter was married to Mary Ann Wheeler (b. 1769 NY, d. 11-3-1856).  They had at least two children, Lovina and Peter. 

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