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Elihu Smith House

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Elihu Smith House
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VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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This Middle Road house was built ca. 1790.  Details of the historic survey for the structures in this village are shown at the link above.

This home and 140 acres was originally owned by Elihu Smith (1734 - 1830) who also owned the Hall Tavern (see Buildings & Enterprises collection).  Elihu, his wife Onar Slade (1742 - 1823) and their six oldest children arrived in Clarendon ca. 1782 from Woodbury, CT.  Per research done by Dawn Hance this property changed hands several times being sold to Abel Spencer (when the home was occupied by Charles Smith (brother to Elihu).  Abel sold it to Jedediah Clark who sold it back to Elihu.  Elihu sold the home and 29 acres in 1802 to Christopher Pierce for $2,900.   In 1805 or later (before 1810) he left Clarendon and settled in Sheldon, VT where he lived out his remaining years. 

Several of the structures have photos which can be found as follows.  In the Homes collection there are photos of the Leonard House (#10 in the survey), the Powers House (#11), and the Joseph Congdon House (#4).  The Town Hall can be found in the Buildings collection and the Brick Church in the Church collection. 

This house was owned by K. Wilbur at the time of the 1976 historic survey.

Below is a scrap of a newspaper from the Dec. 13, 1790 Vermont Gazette that had been used to cover joints in the wall boards of the downstairs bedroom.  In the 1960's his mother Gladys McKinney Congdon (1918 - 2016) soaked the newspapers off of the wall and managed to save them. 

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