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Judge Harrington Poem

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Judge Harrington Poem
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12/5/2019 7:12:37 PM
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Dawn Hance
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Misc Photos and Documents
Dawn Hance
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This document, courtesy of Dawn Hance, provides a poem by William Henry Herrick Jr. (1896 - 1938) about Judge Theophilus Harrington's (1762 - 1813) famous legal ruling that prevented a runaway slave from being reclaimed by his former master.  It was in a scrapbook kept by Alice Keyes (1883 - 1975) of Chippenhook.  Albert B. Congdon (1884 - 1968) was a life long resident of Danby.   We do not know who the author of this document, N.P. Jr., was. 

See the Chippenhook Poems entry in this collection for more poetry by William Herrick.  See the Judge Theophilus Harrington entry in the People collection for more information on Judge Harrington.