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Pratt Barns

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Pratt Barns
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Farms and Barns
VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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The various Middle Road farm structures are from the 1900's, details of which from the historical survey can be found at the link above.  The ca. 1850 Ross House can be seen in the Homes collection.  That house burnt in 2000.  At the time of the 1976 historical survey the farm was owned by Richard Chambers. 

Below is an image from a 1967 Rutland Herald article about an open house being held at the farm.  The large barn was built in 1921 and the low free stall barn in 1965.  The 1965 barn has since been replaced with a different structure. 

The bottom photo is courtesy of Phil Mandolare in 2020.  It is the barn on the east side of the road in the 1967 aerial photo, now derelict. 

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