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Elm Hill Farm Barns

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Elm Hill Farm Barns
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5/29/2017 6:17:07 PM
Farms and Barns
VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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Details on this barn built after the July 8, 1936 fire that destroyed its predecessor and other structures on this Middle Road farm can be found at the link above.  A photo of the house can be found in the Homes collection.  The farm was owned by the Frantz brothers at the time  of the 1976 historic survey. See the Elm Hill Farm entry in this collection for more information on the farm itself and the Enoch Smith House entry for more information on the Smith-Kneeland family that owned it for 6 or 7 generations.

Here are additional structures on this farm. 

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