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Mahoney Cellar Hole

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Mahoney Cellar Hole
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11/12/2019 3:51:49 PM
Cellar Holes
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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This Middle Road home was owned by Daniel Mahoney (1816 - 1903) and his wife Elizabeth McCabe (1835 - 1899) at the time of the 1869 map compilation.  When it was built and for whom and when it was torn down is not known. Daniel and Elizabeth were both Irish immigrants from County Cork.  They only lived in Clarendon from the late 1850's to the late 1860's.   In the 1870 census Daniel, Elizabeth and five of their then six children were living in Rutland with Daniel working as a laborer.  Two more children would follow.  Daniel & Elizabeth remained in Rutland for the remainder of their lives. 

This home was approximately 16' x 16' or about 256 sq. ft.  The cellar hole had been filled in years ago by the current landowner.  It is not known whether there were any additions to the home beyond the main space that had a cellar. 

These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.  At the bottom is Daniel's obituary. 

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