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Eastman Cellar Hole

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Eastman Cellar Hole
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11/12/2019 1:51:10 PM
Cellar Holes
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Philip L Mandolare
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Clarendon Artifacts
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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This cellar hole is on Quarterline Road north of Schoolhouse Hill Road.  James Eastman (1820 - 1880) spent his entire life in Clarendon as did his father Elisha Eastman (1797 - 1890).  His wife was Nancy M. Bennett (1834 - 1901) whom he married in 1863 in Clarendon.  When this structure was built and whether this household was the first to occupy it are not known.  The 1854 map indicates an S. Esterbrook there but the only known Esterbrooks in Clarendon in this timeframe were in North Clarendon Village and none were S. Esterbook.  Given other known errors on these maps, this hasn't been reconciled yet.  

This cellar hole is in the midst of an impenetrable thicket that was difficult to see through much less navigate, hence photos that fail to adequately portray it.  The approximate dimensions are 20 X 20 or about 400  sq. ft, though we do not know if there was a 2nd level to the home or if there were additions to the home that did not have a cellar space.  Only a clearing away of the brush will allow a more careful study of this site.

These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.

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