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Arnold House

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Arnold House
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VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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Details on this ca. 1835 Middle Road house and other structures on the farm from the historical survey can be found at the link above.  A photo of a barn can be found in the Barns collection.

Per research by Dawn Hance, shortly after inheriting the property from his father Oliver Arnold (1746 - 1834), Green Arnold (1790 - 1852) built this home.  In 1851 he sold the farm to George & Ellen Marsh for $5,500.  Excluded from the sale was a cemetery enclosed with a fence.  In 1854 the Marshes sold the property to George Webb Jr. for $5,400. 

The cemetery was removed to Evergreen Cemetery in Rutland in 1882.  It's exact location on the then Webb property is not known. 

The property was sold again to the Chaffees of Rutland at the turn of the 20th century.  Mr. & Mrs. George Ridlon owned the property at the time of the 1976 historic survey.  The undated cover photo is from the Town archives.  The photo below is from the 1976 historic survey.  Below that is an undated one courtesy of Al Ridlon.  At the bottom is a 2007 photo from town records. 

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