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Town Hall Book Inventory

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Town Hall Book Inventory
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11/11/2019 1:26:44 PM
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Robert Underhill
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Bob Underhill
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Some of these books are remnants of the original Cornelia Bailey 1919 donation, some from the North Clarendon Library Association collections given to the Clarendon Town Library in 1933, some from the Clarendon Town Library acquired through purchase or donation starting in 1934, and some being from the Town Clerk's office (Box #1 in particular).  They are boxed and stored in the attic of the Town Hall.  See the Cornelia Bailey entry in the People collection and the History of Libraries in Clarendon entry in the Buildings and Enterprises collection for more info.  The inventory can be found here.

Note that the cover photo is a book from Bob Underhill's personal collection, not from the collection at the Town Hall.