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Peleg A. Eddy House

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Peleg A. Eddy House
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Edwin Congdon
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This ca 1807 house was owned by Peleg Alexander Eddy (1819 - 1877) at the time of the 1854 and 1869 map compilations.  Shown in the undated cover photo is Elmer Congdon (1862 - 1950) whose farm this was for many years.  Below is another undated photo (photostat) of the house with his wife Maude (Sherman) Congdon (1869 - 1930). 

At the bottom is a photo from 1991.  Photos are courtesy of Ed Congdon.

This home is currently in an advanced state of disrepair.  See the Peleg A. Eddy House Ruins entry in this collection for photos. 

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