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Biscuits the Donkey

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Biscuits the Donkey
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11/6/2019 5:33:55 AM
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Robert Underhill
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Donated Books, Maps, Misc
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Items donated by Bob Underhill and kept in his home until such point as the historic society has a physical home of its own.
Bob Underhill
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This postcard from 1909 was mailed from East Clarendon to May Huntoon (1885 - 1939) at the Albany City Hospital where May was a nurse.  May was from Rutland but appears to have spent her career working as a nurse in NY.  In 1930 she was working in Whitestown, NY. 

The back of the postcard (below) has a message from Marion to May which suggests a close relationship.  Being May was about 23 at the time the postcard was sent Jan. 18, 1909 and the girl (Marion) with Biscuits the Donkey appears quite young, it is likely Marion was a relative rather than a friend given the age difference. 

The question is who was Marion? 

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