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Mapleside Tourist Inn

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Mapleside Tourist Inn
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This postcard from 1914 shows the former Mapleside Tourist Inn which was on the former Rt 103 before it was re-routed.  This structure is now a private home on Pluss Lane.  What years this business was in operation are not known.  A few mentions in the Rutland Daily Herald from 1912 and 1913 are all that has been found thus far. On the 1854 and 1869 maps there is the Spencer C. Smith home shown on this site.  Per the book Shrewsbury, Our Town As It Was by Dawn Hance, the Smith home burned in 1870 and a new home built shortly thereafter.  That is consistent with town records that say this home was built ca. 1870. 

Below is a photo of the house from 1966 from the State Archives.  See the Spencer Smith House entry in the Homes collection for another photo.

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