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Vermont History Collection

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Vermont History Collection
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10/10/2019 5:30:38 PM
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Misc Documents
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We have courtesy of the Bailey Memorial Library a collection of Vermont History, the publication of the Vermont Historical Society.  These publications are a significant source of Vermont History.  One known item specific to Clarendon was in the July 1961 edition which had an article written by Clarendon's Dave Potter.   "A History of the Mineral Springs Industry of Clarendon Springs" can be seen in the Document's collection.  Dave was in 11th grade at the time and won 3rd place in that year's Edmunds Essay Contest. 

This collection includes the following editions:

July & October 1955
Spring , Summer, Autumn 1971
Winter, Summer 1972
1973 complete
Winter, Spring, Summer 1974
Winter 1978 through Spring 1996 (except Winter 1988 which is missing)